• Council is moving to establishing a “FURTHERING CHRISTIAN EDUCATION” fund, as another Designated Fund.  Funds being placed in this account will go towards future funding to support people taking programs in Christian Education.  Details as to how that account operates are being coordinated by the church council at present.

  • July 14 will be our “Celebration Sunday” allowing us to celebrate Pastor Dawn’s 25th Anniversary.  In the years to come, we hope that each July we will find reason to celebrate something in the life of our congregation.  Andrew Nelson will be overseeing this year’s festivities with a variety of committees.  Please step up and get involved in this fun filled time of joy… 

  •  The Sunday School Pull Out program has begun.  We are excited to see a high energy program for our children for the future…  Thank You Danielle, Cassie and Stephanie for spearheading this venture.

    • We also look forward to VBC in August 2019.  Doug Thurn has offered to lead the Adult portion, and Stephanie, Danielle and Cassie will be coordinating the Children’s program.

  •  Anyone interested in spearheading a float for the Strathmore Stampede this year?  It would be a great way to publicize our congregation in town.  Please speak to Janet for details.

  • We remain a bit under in our monthly offering.  Please continue to consider how you can maintain and support your church through your ongoing generous giving.  Remember that we are now accepting eTransfers and continue to offer  Pre-authorized Giving.  If you have questions about either of those, please speak to Linda or Andrew Nelson through the church office.

  • There will be a lawn mowing schedule poster put up.  Please sign up as you are able to help keep our church looking welcoming and neat…

    •  Remember that May 26 we invite people to bring a picnic potluck, and then stay to help with a yard clean up for a couple of hours.  All hands are welcome to come and help in getting our church ready for the season.

  •  There are nine kids that have applied for “Kids 2 Camp”.  We are excited to provide funding for this great cause.  Please feel free to support this great program in the next two weeks.

  •  Our Basket of Blessings is collecting condiments to send to summer camps.  Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Syrup…  All help the kids to have a great time and be well fed…

     We have been receiving really positive feedback to the email outreaches. 
    If you haven’t given Linda your email address, and would like to be receiving the emails, please speak to her, or send your email to adminloa@telus.net.