Covid-19 Update

Yesterday, March 15, 2020, the Council Executive, PD and Linda met, and the decision was made to cancel worship and congregational activities for the present time. This is to do our part to attempt to curb the spread of this virus.

We are still sorting out what this will look like for the days and weeks ahead, but our executive is committed to keep us functioning and connecting with all of you. If you are on our email list, watch for emails giving updates or check the Lord of All Facebook Site for details. 

We want to thank God for the guidance and blessings we are already discovering and will continue to experience as we travel on this unforeseen journey.

Our thanks to council, PD and Linda for stepping up to meet the challenges yet to come. And thanks to ALL our members and friends who hold us up in prayer and offer words of encouragement and strength.  Together, by the grace of God, the world will settle and return to some level of stability and we will continue the ministry and caring God has called us to.

If we could ask two things of you:

·        Please uphold all pastors and church leaders who are striving to care for and lead His people, keeping all healthy and strong in our calls and ministries.

·        Also, uphold the church family and community, asking God to bless and keep us, each one.  In those prayers, remember our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ's church, nearby and around the world.  Help us to be faithful to our mission and uphold the words Christ used to teach, restore and be blessings to the church on earth.

Once again, prayers and hugs to all.

Please stay in touch, watch for some candid photos of us on our webpage -, and on our Facebook page, and do your best to stay safe and strong.

Take note of the posting on our Facebook Page about being part of our “Phone a Friend” program and stay connected with each other.

If you have any ideas about how the church can connect with the congregation during this time, please pass these ideas along to Joe (Council Chairperson) at, or leave a message with PD or at the Church Office.

The church number is 403 934-2374. Please call if we can support or care for you in any way.

In the name of Christ

Lord of All Lutheran Church